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High Net Worth Property Insurance – What Exactly is it?

High net worth property insurance is something that should be considered if you are a high net worth individual. Of course the definition of a high net worth individual is very subjective according to who you are and how much you earn!

Too often people take out property insurance policies without reading the details of the policies. If your property or even the contents of your property exceed the limits in place on your standard policy then you should definitely consider buying a high net worth property insurance policy.

These policies differ from regular off the self policies in many ways. The main difference is that they are usually bespoke in the sense that the insurance provider will design the exact details of the policies to suit your needs. This may mean that for example if you have a very large valuable stamp collection, the collection will be valued and insured to its precise value. Another example may be to include as part of the policy extra cover to protect the policy holder from future legal fees arising from disputes with employees.

In addition high net worth property insurance policies often include free extras to try to tempt new customers in much the same way that certain credit cards do. A typical give away might be free worldwide travel insurance. In reality the cost of this will be factored into the annual premium however such add-ons are usually offered to add a sense of exclusivity to the products.

This type inn home insurance is rarely available off the shelf so the best way to compare different products is not to look for a comparison website on the net, but instead to approach a few providers in person and ask for a tailored quote.

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