Kerala Lottery 22-01-2019 Sthree Sakthi 11:55AM

Hence today the time has come for us to announce the Kerala Lottery 22-01-2019 Sthree Sakthi 11:55AM which has been released just now and the people who have won today results should accept our heartily congratulations for their wins. While for some who were unfortunate should try next time and don’t lose hope.

Kerala Lottery 11:55AM Sthree Sakthi 22-01-2019

Kerala lottery result 11:55Am shows that our prediction of numbers from previous day has been more fruitful and have found some of them we predicted are in the list. The first prize is worth Rs 70 lakh, while the second and third will fetch the winner Rs 5 lakh and Rs 2 lakh respectively. The consolation prize is Rs 8,000. There are many more small prizes for people on the lower stand.

Kerala Lottery Result Sthree Sakthi Mroning 22nd January 2019

While for people who are new to lottery result game should know that, kerala state lottery is the oldest game being played in India and is the pioneer of Lotto too. The first and longest run sc heme of the state and country which is more famous than any other Kerala lotteries and is being played by men and women. There are many things which most don’t know about Kerala lottery and the system of choosing and generating numbers for upcoming draw.

Sthree Sakthi Kerala State Lottery Tuesday 22/01/2019

There are many ways by which you can participate in the upcoming Kerala lottery results starting by buying the ticket of the lottery of your desired day. For example there are seven draws per week which are different in name and prize money. So if you are looking to win big prize you should know which day draw you want to play. Be sure that you only buy the tickets from authorized dealers.

Lottery Result Today 11:55AM Tues Sthree Sakthi 22-01-2019

After you have bought the pre-issued ticket, be sure to wait and check the result of the draw on that day. The draw we are talking about, Kerala Lottery 22-01-2019 Sthree Sakthi 11:55AM will be held at the exact time while the results announced will be published after few hours as it takes time for the error free result compliment. When you have got the result please check the numbers against your own ticket thoroughly. If by luck you have won jackpot or prize of more than Rs.10,000 please visit your nearby kerala state lottery office and fill out the claims form. Be sure that you have brought all your relevant information’s with you along with your original lottery ticket as no claims will be entertained without it.
Kerala Lottery 22-01-2019 Sthree Sakthi 11:55AM
Kerala Lottery 22-01-2019 Sthree Sakthi 11:55AM

Sthree Sakthi Kerala Lotteries Morning 22-01-2019

There are many ways you can generate your own numbers even we sometimes give out free predictions for upcoming draws along with detailed analysis of which numbers or series have high chances of appearing again.

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