Mobile Phone Insurance – Can We Live Without It?

When you purchase your new mobile phone or extend an existing contacts, many service provides will offer the option to purchase an insurance policy, typically costing around five pounds or there abouts. When looking at the fact that the latest mobile phones can cost hundreds if not a thousand pounds to replace and are very easily stolen, damaged or lost its vital that you get protected if the worse happens.

There are a number of steps that we can take to reduce the chances of it be stolen, simple ones like never leave it on the table, leave it in your car or any where it could attract attention to others.

When you lose your mobile phone and if you have it insurance you can get it replaced but you can not get your information back from within the mobile phone, whether its your kids pictures or business contacts it will be lost for good. So regularly update and backup your mobile phone into your computer.

If your phone is lost or stolen and you have insurance for your phone then it’s important to notify the police, and contact your service provider too. The reasoning is to stop others from using your mobile phone and charging expensive amount of overseas calls, this can be done by transmitting a signal to switch your phone off and unable to be used again.

After submitting your claim to the police you will receive a crime number which can be used to claim back your mobile phone insurance. If everything is above board you will receive your replacement phone within a week, you may have to pay an excess of approx 50 pounds which will vary between different providers.

In general, your mobile phone will not be covered on your home contents insurance and with a high cost of replacement, having mobile phone insurance can cover and will save you hundreds of pounds.

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