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Contents Insurance – Why Your Request For Compensation Got Rejected

Have you damaged or destroyed one of your personal belongings? You tried claiming compensation using your Contents Insurance policy, but they refused to pay you. Wasn’t your insurance policy supposed to cover that? The problem is the way your personal items were damaged may not be covered by the policy. I understand what you are going through because I have encountered the same problem before.

There was one incident in which I plugged my television into the wrong socket and it exploded. I tried claiming compensation from my insurance provider, but they refused to pay for a new TV. Imagine, all your hard earned money blown away in an instant. You see, I do know how you feel. This is why I have written this article, to explain to you why your request for compensation got rejected.

The reason is this: Contents Insurance Doesn’t Cover Damage Caused By You

That’s right! You cannot claim compensation for personal belongings that have been damaged due to an accident or form of negligence on your part. You may have gotten paid for damages caused by natural disasters such as storms or earthquakes – and even from theft…but not damage caused by you!

Here are other kinds of damages this insurance does not cover:

1. Computer Viruses. It is your responsibility as a computer owner to protect your PC against all forms of viruses, spyware, malware, and more.

2. Damage Caused By Pets. Bring pets into your home at your own risk. The insurance company will not pay for damage caused by these animals.

3. Wear And Tear. If your old television conks out on you after five years of good service, don’t expect your insurance company to pay for a new one. Save up for one yourself.

Warning: Do get a Contents Insurance policy with a high coverage. You should get one that can cover most if not all of your personal belongings, just in case a big disaster comes.

The Question Is: Do you know all the other secrets to claiming compensation for your valuables?