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Sikkim State Lottery | Sikkim Lotteries Result | Sikkim Today Result

Sikkim State Lottery is the child project of Sambad State Lotteries and has become a huge success in the State of Sikkim according to the Directorate of State Lotteries the lottery has become number one being played in the whole state and starts from lowest price which is affordable for people who wish to play.

Sikkim State Lottery Result 11:55AM

Sikkim Lottery Result which is held every morning at 11:55Am is held every day of the week is becoming the rising start in the world of lotto giving players the chance to win big prizes. The price of ticket is Rs. 6 and ticket comes in series just like its sister lotteries. While the prize money starts with Rs. 26.04 lakhs for first position. If you look closely at Sikkim State Lottery you will see that there are standing up to 5th place which means that if by chance you have not hit the jackpot you still get to win some of the prize money like Rs. 9,500 that will be awarded to 359 valid ticket holders or the people who have the series for second place.

Sikkim Lotteries Result Morning Draws & Prizes

There are many other prizes for people who have scored the second and third places and prize money for them are as follows,

Sikkim State Lotteries Draws
Draw Day Lottery Name Ticket Price (Rs) Top Prize Amount (Rs)
Monday Dear Smart Morning 6 25 Lacs
Tuesday Dear Fresh Morning 6 25 Lacs
Wednesday Dear Starter Morning 6 25 Lacs
Thursday Dear Breeze Morning 6 25 Lacs
Friday Dear Early Morning 6 25 Lacs
Saturday Dear Bloom Morning 6 25 Lacs
Sunday Dear Wake Morning 6 25 Lacs
Sikkim State Lottery Prizes
Rank Number of Prizes Prize Amount (Rs)
1st 1 25 Lacs
Cons 319 9,500
2nd 3,200 9,000
3rd 32,000 500
4th 32,000 250
5th 320,000 120

As we all know that Sikkim Today Result like others is being played by a digital ball game which is drawn by random numeric algorithm or sometimes by special draws which are held in public. There were many voices of concern regarding the transparency of Sikkim Lottery Result but after those concerns were raised the outcomes are live broadcasted on state television and later released for general public.

Sikkim Today Result Dear Morning Draw

As we know that Sikkim Today Result is held exactly at Morning, 11:55Am which means that it takes roughly about half hour for the company to publish which is checked again and again for any errors and misprinting. But till today no such discrepancy has been reported by anyone. Many people have been asking the question of,

How to Play Sikkim State Lottery?

For people who are interested in participating in Sikkim Lottery Result should know the difference between normal lottery and this state lottery. There are number of series, 68 to 99/ABCDEGHJKL 00 000 TO 99 999 which are electronically chosen and included in the morning draw.

Where to buy Sikkim Today Result Ticket?

The tickets can be purchased from any authorized dealers throughout the state.


How to claim Sikkim State Lottery Wins?

If you have won any amount of above than Rs. 10,000 you need to vist Directorate of State Lotteries and fill out a claim form along with copy of your identification card and ticket. Please be sure to keep you winning ticket save as no claim will be entertained without it.