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They Jumped Out of the Boat, But I’m on the Hook!

There is no doubt that there is an incredible amount of excitement and fun to be had while enjoying the great outdoors in a boat speeding across the lake. However, with the pleasure comes responsibility and the liability situations that must be managed can be fairly frightening. Consumers often believe that boat insurance is unnecessary unless there is a substantial amount of money owed on the actual watercraft, but perhaps the most important component of adequate coverage is the liability protection.

Every boat owner looks forward to the opportunity to spend time on the water with friends and family and virtually everyone shares the attitude that bad things will never happen to them. No matter how careful every occupant of the watercraft is, accidents can and do occur and the resulting injuries can be big trouble. Although the incident could have been completely beyond the control of the boater, they are often held liable for any injuries or damages.

Many boaters truly believe that they would not be sued by friends or family in the event of a tragedy, and they may be correct. However, it is a boat owner’s responsibility to ensure that if an accident were to happen that everyone involved would be well taken care of. Staggering medical bills and damages can be unmanageable, so the best alternative is retaining an adequate boat insurance policy.

Most lawsuits or damage claims that arise out of boating accidents actually involve other parties in addition to the occupants of the boat owner’s craft. The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) patrols most waterways and serves as the investigating party for such incidents. The party at fault will be held legally and financially responsible for damages and injuries, but will also be forced to pay for any type of special clean-up or environmental considerations required.

Boating can be an excellent pastime that the whole family can enjoy, but there are also preventive measures that must be taken to ensure the safety of everyone involved. When weighing different options and reviewing quotes for an appropriate boat insurance policy, many consumers find that the coverage is surprisingly affordable. Comparing the cost of coverage to the potential expenses and angst of a catastrophe makes the insurance premium seem like an unbelievable bargain. Selecting the proper boat insurance can enable boaters to spend less time worrying about the unknown and more time enjoying the great outdoors.

They Jumped Out of the Boat